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Černý Janek 2022 (autor Karel Táborský)

Jan Amos Comenius Museum in Uherský Brod

UPDATE - JUNE 3, 2022
(subject to change)

PARTICIPATING:   Absolute Film Design, sro | Czech Television Ethnographic Institute of the Moravian Museum Gallery of Fine Arts in Ostrava Masaryk Museum in Hodonín, po, branch of the Kyjov Museum of National History Olomouc Museum of Art, state subsidized organization National Monuments Institute National Monuments Institute, ÚPS in JA Comenius National Pedagogical Museum and Library National Technical Museum Silesian Museum, Opava Slovácko Museum in Uherské Hradiště Záhorské Museum in Skalica Jewish Museum in Prague

DAY 1 - TUESDAY /   June 7

"Dvořák - Špáta - Adler"


12.30     presence

in the JA Comenius Museum

in Uherský Brod


13.00  start

museum director

performs guitar virtuoso

Štěpán Rak


13.30  "To" and "from" collections

MUSAIONfilm video libraries

Dvořák - art burner

A brief look at the life of an important art historian,

teacher prof. František Dvořák through the eyes of his students.

14.30 discussion with the director

Zdeněk Zvonek

and lecturer PhDr. Petr Slinták


15.05  Tramway. Tribute to Jan Špát

Reminder of the original advertisement by Jan Špáta


15.15 discussion


16.00 lecturer seminar

- director and pedagogue

prof. Rudolf Adler (KDT FAMU)

Czech amateur film as inspiration for working in a museum

films within the seminar:

How to make a sago

- Miroslav Trudic

In the footsteps of Emerich Rath

- Miroslav Trudic

Castle lords

- Lukáš Mlček

Missing father

- Jakub Voves

Steam man

- Jiří Beneš

The end of the Polička dairy

- Miroslav Solc

About Prague beer

- Bohumil Kheil

19.00 cultural program

They are recruiting for war in Strážnice

Cimbalom music by Pavel Múčka

from Strážnice with guests

singing Magadalena Múčková

19.30 catering


20.00    večer  with Pavel Múčka from Strážnice dulcimer music (until 23.00)

Mimořádná cena MUSAIONfilmu za vynikající muzejní přínos v období pandemie 2021–2022 (O. Žampach)

DAY 2 - WEDNESDAY / June 8

"Movies with museums"

9.00    Art then and now

Braun's puppet statue

A film about the creation of the Jiří Nachlinger Puppet Gallery in the Comoedien-Haus on Kuks

Here and now. Patrik Proško

A unique documentary about the most comprehensive work to date by artist Patrik Prošek. We have nothing but the present moment.


9.50    talk

10.15  Christianity

Father Paulin Bajan OFM

Documentary about the Slovak Franciscan priest, preacher, organist, composer PP Bajan (1721-1792)


II. crusade near Žatec in 1421

commemorating the 600th anniversary of the siege of Žatec by the Crusaders


10.50  talk


11.15  Animated link

Anamorphic portrait of Tomáš Kryza. Patrik Proško

A time-lapse documentary about the creation of an anamorphic portrait of Tomáš Kryza by visual artist Patrik Prošek


Sebastiano Luciani vol. del Piombo. Madonna with veil. The origin of the image

Author's animated clip presenting the creation of the Madonna image with a veil.


Comenius to the classes!



11.30  talk


13.30  Vivat Comenius:   30 years old

Meeting with Comenius. Alfred Strejček. Vivat Comenius

Ways of Faith - Vivat Comenius

14.40  talk


15.15  Kasteláni

Our countryside - the castle lord of the tri-border

Kastelán Radek Kocanda cut his dream castle from a forest thicket near Kaplice in South Bohemia.


Hidden gems - Rožmberk

Actor Jaroslav Plesl reveals what the visitor usually does not learn and what the castellans usually do not talk about.


16.10  talk


17.00 lecturer seminar - cameraman and pedagogue

prof. MgA. Marek Jícha


Digitization and restoration of 8 mm, 16 mm and 35 mm films

20.00    evening with dulcimer music Burčáci z Míkovice (until 23.00)

DAY 3 - THURSDAY / June 9

"Museum movies"

9.00    Museums introduce themselves

95 years of the House of Arts. 1926–2021

Guided tour of the House of Arts in Ostrava from the cellar to the attic.

Prague Invalides

Paintings from the history of the Prague Invalidovna from the oldest history to the present.

The secret of the land

Get to know exceptional finds from Czech and Moravian synagogues


9.50    talk


10.30  Museum procedures

and instructions

Chapters from construction joinery [sample]

Workflow - traditional construction joinery

Before the tour

Instructional film for guides - part 1 (Total number of parts 4) The film offers instructions for mastering the guide profession.

11.05  talk


11.30 lecturer seminar - PhDr. Petr Slinták

Slovácko in the work of Jaromil Jireš


13.30  Museum film experiments

Listen to the murderous cruel

Kramářská song about the murder that took place in Svatobořice near Kyjov.


The secret life of teddy bears

Plushies in the museum


Boiler room demolition - Railway depot Chomutov

Time-lapse record of building demolition

14.00  talk


14.15  Museum look back

Kalabis Quintet - Prague Spring 2021 [sample]

Sample from the Prague Spring concert at the National Technical Museum


Christmas Concert 2021 - JJ Ryba: Czech Christmas Mass "Hey, Master!" [Sample]

Sample from the stream of the Christmas concert from the National Technical Museum


1000 miles of Czechoslovak 2021

Report from the start of the car competition of historic vehicles


On the stage of the world - opening of a new exhibition

Looking back on the event.

14.35  talk

15.00  Dramaturgy, directing and editing of documentaries

- Svetlana Lazarova 

History and theory of documentary films in general . Portrait of a prominent man, studying the archives from the director's point of view, searching for the "key" to the film. (approx. 60 min.)

17.00  Cerny Janek 2022

award ceremony

Černý Janek 2022

Spear of Black John 2022

František Pospíšil Award 2022

Labyrinth of the World 2021–2022


guitar virtuoso Štěpán Rak

18.00  closing - museum director / Public screening of awarded films (until 20.00)

MUSAIONfilm 2022:

Kopí Černého Janka 2022 (autor Karel Táborský)
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