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AVICOM f@imp Festival 2021:
Call for participation

In conjunction with the International Museum Day on 18 May,

AVICOM opened this year's International Media Festival of Audiovisual International Multimedia Patrimony f@imp 2021 under the motto "Museums: Inspiring the Future".

In recognition of the pandemic-related major challenges that museums have to face,

there will be a special edition of the media festival this year - with just one special topic:


„Museums, Media and Future: How do closed museums open up to the public, using media?“

Good examples can now be submitted for entry into the festival: websites, applications, films, social media presentations… The productions are to be uploaded directly to the festival website as in previous years.


If the applicants have a problem registering or uploading via the website,

please contact AVICOM. We will be glad to provide any assistance required.

In view of the current difficult economic situation in many museums,

participation in this year's festival is free!


The competition is open until  30 September, 2021.


The award ceremony is planned as a hybrid event (physical and online)

for November, 2021 at the Hungarian National Museum in Budapest.

AVICOM would like to encourage you to take part in this festival and is looking forward to a large number of interesting best practice contributions.


Please note: By submitting the contributions, AVICOM is expressly granted permission to publish these contributions on its website and on its social media. In addition, the contributors grant AVICOM the right to make the contributions available to third parties for the purpose of providing information about the f@imp festival and to have them edited and distributed online.


For queries, please contact:

Ildikó Fejes, Treasurer of AVICOM

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